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St. Maarten is a well-established real estate market. The business is lucrative due to year-long tourism. It’s the best place to spend the golden years of your life after retirement. So if you have plans to invest in a profitable market after retirement, St. Maarten is the best choice.

More US citizens are buying property in St. Maarten, so why shouldn’t you? We have compiled an insightful guide into the property buying process in St. Maarten.

St. Maarten: The Dutch Side of Caribbean

St. Maarten falls on the Dutch side of the Caribbean. Foreigners can enjoy the best of both worlds because the southern part is rich with French culture. You can find breathtaking beaches, island-duty free shops, gourmet European-style restaurants, nightlife and much more.

There’s a lot in store for buyers, unlike other islands. Both European and North American property buyers are keen on buying commercial and residential property in this region. From luxurious villas and condos to apartments, you can find everything.

What Makes St. Maarten a Lucrative Real Estate Market?

Buying property in St. Maarten has never been better and easier. St. Maarten has so many unique aspects, making it a profitable real estate market.

1. Easy to Purchase

Foreigners show interest in St. Maarten’s real estate market because of the convenience it offers. It welcomes foreigners to buy and own property without any restrictions. Compared to other parts of the Caribbean, you aren’t required to permit to purchase the property. You can pick your name or your company’s name to buy a property.

2. Simple Process

The buying process is smooth and stress-free. Once you find a property of your choice, you can make an offer and use a simple lease to buy the property. There’s no need for a personal attorney because all civil law notaries are lawyers. They’ll run a title search to ensure a clear transfer. All the documents are in English, and the notaries are well-versed in both English and Dutch. They work on the documentation. The whole process takes six or fewer weeks to complete.

3. Reasonable Cost

You’ll only need to pay 10% of the total amount as a deposit. Additionally, there’s no annual property tax on owning a property in St. Maarten. This means no capital gains taxes and since St. Maarten is a duty-free port, owning a property here is more profitable.

4. Value for Money

St. Maarten has the friendliest neighborhoods of all. People who live there can vouch for it! You get value for your money, and it’s a profitable investment in the long run. Why? Because even if you don’t plan to live there permanently, you can always rent out your property for tourists. The tourism business thrives in St. Maarten, and you can leverage that opportunity.

5. Assets protection with a Private Fund Foundation

Every day a good number of real estate transactions happen in Sint Maarten, and do you know what most big investments have in common? A Private Fund Foundation protecting the asset. A Private Fund Foundation is a legal entity protecting assetsinvestments or fundsForeigners can create and fully participate in a PFF.

Night view of Philipsburg, St. MaartenWe’re a real estate relocation company based in St. Maarten. With our vast experience of providing immigration services through our sister company – BrightPath Caribbean, we, at BrightFuture Realty, assist buyers in purchasing luxury homes, apartments and villas in St. Maarten. Discover St. Maarten’s luxury real estate listings or reach out to us to purchase luxury homes for sale.