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Before putting your beautiful St. Maarten home on the market, you need to prepare it. Trust us! This comes from experienced realtors in St. Maarten who have gained in-depth knowledge of the market from years of relocating clients to the Caribbean region.

Follow these easy, actionable tips to get your house ready for a quick sale.

House Selling Quick Tips

You can increase the chance of making a profitable deal with these quick tips:

1. Do Your Homework

The first step to the increasing value of your home is to conduct research. Start with understanding the local housing market. Visit our website for St. Maarten real estate listings to get an idea of the market. Compare sales in the neighborhood to figure how listing price.

Look closely at comps’ square footage, location, and features and compare them to your home. Say a home is sold for a handsome amount but compared to that, your home is smaller. You’ll need to set the price lower.

2. Deep Clean Your Home

The first impression is the last in the real estate market. You’ll either appeal to a potential buyer or you’ll scare them away. Deep clean your house so that your home is in pristine condition. Make sure there’s no dirty floor, dusty surfaces, and foul-smelling toilets.

3. Light it Up!

Lighting can do more for you if you throw in some money. When you’re giving a house tour to a potential buyer, make sure all the lamps and lighting fixtures are turned on. For this very reason, you need to buy more working lights to give your home an immaculate look.

4. Declutter & Organize

No one likes to set foot in a cluttered space. If you want to make your property appealing, organize it. A clutter-free home not only sets you for a quick sale but also gives the buyer an idea of how they’d like to decorate their home. Organize your home so that the buyer can see themselves living in it.

5. Repaint Your Walls

If you’ve been putting off a renovation, now is the time. Repaint the walls with neutral colors. Stick to light beige, white, greige, or gray color because it makes a space look spacious. A fresh coat of paint will cover imperfections. Neutral colors are also easier to repaint. So if the buyer decides to purchase your home, they’ll have a blank canvas to paint their favorite colors.

Real estate agent handing over home keys

6. Look For Listing Agent

Take our word for it that it’s better to enlist a reliable and local real estate agent who knows the area well. Being a real estate relocation company in St. Maarten and a sister company to BrightPath Caribbean, we have vast experience finding luxury rentals, vacation villas, and commercial properties. We understand St. Maarten real estate market and can help you sell your property smoothly.

At BrightFuture Realty, our goal is to make the property buying and selling stress-free and smooth. Get in touch with us today to sell your St. Maarten home.