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BrightFuture Realty is a full-service Real Estate brokerage firm in St. Maarten that was founded following the success of our sister company, BrightPath Caribbean, as a trusted and widely recognized immigration service in the Caribbean region.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to buy a home in St. Maarten?

Even if you are not a legal resident, the process is fairly easy if you are looking to purchase with an experienced realtor, once the parties have agreed to the offer, a down payment will be done to secure the transaction and a date for documentation formalities will be set in place with the closing agent (also known as the Notary). On the other hand, if you require a mortgage, purchasing properties will involve the extra steps from the financial institution you will be getting the mortgage from.

Should I order a home inspection when buying a home in Sint Maarten?

It is always good to order a home inspection if you want to do so. We recommend you order a home inspection when the property is older than 10 years, if there is visible structural damage or if the property has endured some major natural events.

What is an agent’s commission fee when selling a house in Sint Maarten?

The globally accepted standard in the industry is 6%, although this may vary from agent to agent. It is important to remember that real estate commissions are paid by the seller in the event of sale purchase, and by the landlord in the event of a rental.

Are Sint Maarten real estate prices negotiable?

Like any other real estate market, prices are negotiable.

How many houses should I view before purchasing one?

When you work with an experienced real estate agent, she or he will make sure to guide you and show you only properties that suit your needs and budget. This will narrow your search, making it easier for you to decide.

What is a mortgage and how does it work in Sint Maarten?

A mortgage is when you borrow funds from the bank a pledge a property in exchange. Residents and non-residents alike may qualify for a mortgage from a commercial bank. In general, non-residents require a 50% down payment whereas residents may qualify for as little as 5% down.

Can I see your real estate license?

Yes, a legally operational real estate firm should have their business licenses up to date and according to the law in Sint Maarten, they need to be exposed to the public.

What is the best way to contact you?

Any option that is easier for you will be the best way to contact us. We always keep track of our communication channels, and if you require immediate assistance, send us an email at hello@brightfuturerealtors.com.

Moving & Living in St. Maarten:

What is it like living in St Maarten?

If you come from a big city, you might have to adapt yourself to the slow-paced style of living that is so Caribbean. Other than that, even though it is a small island, Sint Maarten offers so much that there is always something to do, like going to the beach, sailing, hiking, going for a nice dinner, a day trip to neighboring islands, or a spa day. One of our favorite things about living in Sint Maarten is its diverse population, this gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people from all over the world, letting you experience different cultures and learn from them.

What kind of immigration policy it is in St Maarten?

In Sint Maarten there is no such thing as citizenship by investment, you can only apply for legal residency if you have a work permit if you own a business and/or apply for residency as managing director, if you come to retire on the island and purchase property or if you are an American citizen and apply for a residency taking advantage of the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty.

Do you have to pay taxes to live in St Maarten?

This depends on your personal circumstances. Under St. Maarten tax law, you are a tax resident if you live on (the Dutch side of) St. Maarten. If you don’t live in St. Maarten but you do own real estate on the Island, this can also lead to taxable income, unless you have structured it to prevent taxation. Companies also pay taxes on St. Maarten, such as turnover tax (5%) and profit tax (34,5%). For more information and tax planning questions, we refer you to our associated
accounting and tax firms. Visit BrightPath Caribbean to read more about moving and living in St. Maarten.