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St. Maarten is known for the tranquility and relaxed environment it offers. Its clothing-optional isolated beaches have become a vacation destination for nudists. Topless sunbathing is commonplace on some beaches and villas, except some that cater to a different, more conservative type of clientele.

If you’re not one of them, well, we have a surprise for you. In this post, you’ll learn about sunbathing etiquettes and the nude beach in St. Maarten.

But First Word to the Wise

Nudity is not uncommon, and topless beaches aren’t unusual across Europe. However, it’s practically nonexistent in the US. Since St. Maarten is the extension of Holland and France, topless sunbathing is accepted almost everywhere on the island.

But! Nudity is only limited to some of the beaches on the French side and the far end of Cupecoy Beach on St. Maarten. You may come across nude sunbathing on isolated beaches, and we recommend you limit your experience to Cupecoy beach or your private villa.

Secondly, the Caribbean sun is more intense than what you’re used to. Intense sunlight can affect some parts of your body. Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin your vacation with severe sunburn or sun poisoning. Use sunblock or sunscreen and play it safe.

Now Back to Nude Beach

Now that you know nude sunbathing is only limited to isolated beaches and Cupecoy Beach on the Dutch side, let’s explore this stunning beach.

Cupecoy Beach

Located on the southwest tip of the island, Cupecoy comprises three beaches surrounded by cliffs. Cupecoy is the last beach in St. Maarten before crossing the French border. The sunsets here are a treat for the eyes. A must-have experience with awestruck views of Saba, another island in the Caribbean.

Cupecoy is the semi-official nude beach. Its sandstone cliffs add a dramatic golden-ish backdrop which is unparalleled to any other beach. This isn’t your typical windswept beach. Cupecoy is protected from the wind and a perfect place for those who love ‘baking’ under the sun. We recommend relaxing on the edge of rolling surf or dipping in the sea.

Quick Tip: if you’re going topless, be sure to slather sunblock or sunscreen for safety.

Once you’re done baking under the sun, you can end your day with a cold beer from a local vendor or head to beach bars along the shore. Another noteworthy fact about Cupecoy is its LGBT-friendly environment.

The clothing-optional side is on the northwestern end of Cupecoy, so families beware! Vacationers also suggest getting to the nudist side of the beach early to reserve the best spot in the sand. Despite paid parking lots, Cupecoy is a free beach, so you can visit it any time!

An ocean view patio

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