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After months of dreary, cold weather, spring brings rejuvenating feeling with it. Embrace this youthful energy and translate it into your life. Wondering how? Start with your home!

What’s the better time than spring to spruce up your St. Maarten home? You don’t need to make any drastic changes or burn your wallet in the process. Just follow our lead and welcome spring season inside and out.

Sprinkle Spring Colors

Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth, which you can mimic for your interior too. Dark colors may be a perfect choice for cold wintry nights; it’s time to sprinkle in some pastel colors or bold neons. Dare to do more and swap dull dining room chairs with popping colored chairs.

Add Fresh Flowers

An easier way to bring spring to your home’s interior is with a bouquet. Decorate your home with tulips and daffodils or the sprigs of hyacinths and eucalyptus. Take full advantage of this spring. Visit your local floral shop to buy fresh flowers and place them between nightstands and centerpieces of your dining table. Flowers can blend in any space in a house.

Choose Light Fabrics

When bidding farewell to winter, you should also say goodbye to heavy fur throws and knit blankets. Replace heavy fabrics with lighter ones such as linen or cotton. Crips neutrals are a way to make your personal space brighter and bigger. You can always layer your bed and couch with pale pinks or whites to keep the space neutral.

Go Green

You can never go wrong with some greenery here and there. Of course, it’s hard to tend to a plant in the crisp air, especially during winter. But spring is the time when plants are living their best life. Add some greenery to your interior décor but make sure you have the right plant that blends with the lighting. This way, they can survive till next spring.

Paint Your Room

Spare a weekend and repaint your room. An easy way to give your St. Maarten home a makeover is to choose a focal wall and paint it. Green is the color of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s always a great choice to embrace the spring season.

Replace Throw Pillows

If you’re itching for some change but want an easy upgrade, replace your throw pillows. It’s an instant upgrade that you can finish in an afternoon; just swap your blankets and throw pillows in each room, and voila! You have an upgrade with minimal effort. Pick soft pink or neutral colors for a brand new look.

Declutter with Baskets

Declutter your space this spring and add baskets to reduce mess inside your homes. Hand-woven baskets are a perfect accessory to reduce clutter and store stuffed animals and dog toys. They are also a chic way to spruce up your home’s interior without spending a fortune.

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