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Whether you are coming here for travel, business or moving for good, this vibrant island offers everything you could wish for.

St. Maarten is the heart of the Caribbean that offers two islands in one; if you’re going to the north side, it’s owned by France and called Saint Martin. If you reach the south, it’s Sint Maarten, owned by the Dutch with a completely different character and an amazing nightlife. The best part? There’s no border, and you are free to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Most people know St. Maarten for its white-sand beaches, turquoise blue water, and luxury homes, but this island has more to offer. Here is everything you need to know about it.

St. Maarten’s Unique Location

People often have questions about the unique location of St. Maarten and why it has French and Dutch sides; here’s why:

Over 300 years ago, the French and Dutch agreed to cohabit this 37 sq. miles island and still share the space amicably. The southern part (Dutch side) belonged to the Netherlands Antilles, but since 2010 it has been independent of the Netherlands.

This island is the ultimate tourism destination that attracts people because of its dual nationalities, and other Caribbean islands can’t compare with it. It opens its arms for everyone and is home to almost 80 different nationalities. So no matter which part of the world you belong to, you will fit here just right.

French Side – Saint Martin

The beauty and tranquillity of the French side is a treat to the soul. You will find many high-end luxury brands and fancy restaurants. You can enjoy the authentic French Caribbean cuisine here and shop from local and international chains. Although this side is beautiful, tourists mainly prefer the Dutch side because of its vibrant nature.

Dutch Side – Sint Maarten

The Dutch side is the ultimate playground of music, dance, and lively nightlife. You can find casinos, bars, clubs and many parties happening around the beaches all night long. There are some excellent real estate properties as well that you can rent or purchase. People prefer living here due to the extreme warmth and friendliness of the locals.

St. Maarten

Why Go to St. Maarten?


Although the island is small, it offers different cultures and diversity because its population is from all over the world. It is the most multicultural island and often labelled as “the friendly island“. You can find Americans, Haitians, Dutch, French, and Dominicans here who, despite having distinct traditions, share the same friendliness and inviting attitude.

Exquisite Beaches

The whole island has 37 beaches, and each one of them has something unique to offer along with the crystal-clear water. Some of them are remote beaches, while othersare tourist hotspots. French side beaches are more laid back and good to relax and connect to nature, but the Dutch side is as feisty as it gets. These beaches are known for music, parties and picturesque scenery.

Maho beach in St. Maarten is at the top of every tourist’s list because it offers a once-in-a-lifetime rendezvous. This beach is located right beside Princess Juliana International Airport, so the people at the beach get to experience the massive jets flying over their heads. Everyone loves coming here, from photographers to adventurers, to capture this wild experience or simply enjoy it.

A beach with a chairScrumptious Cuisine

After the beaches, the delicious cuisine of St. Maarten excites people the most. It offers a wide range of cuisines, including French delicacies, traditional or fusion dishes and the local Caribbean/Creole gastronomies.

The French side has declared 2022 as the Year of Gastronomy because they will be offering their traditional cuisine all year long with twists and innovation. Whether you prefer fine dining or contemporary casual, the delicious food paired with cerulean scenery is unlike you’ve ever experienced before.


No one does nightlife better than St. Maarten. It is pretty famous for its night-long entertainment, and its bars and clubs come in all sizes and shapes from classy beach clubs to discos. There are numerous casinos and indoor and outdoor venues that keep a vibrant atmosphere all over the island.

This country is the ultimate destination for partygoers, and everyone finds a perfect venue to enjoy music and dance their hearts out. But it isn’t limited to clubbing only; there are many options for people who prefer some peaceful dinner and drinks with a gorgeous night view of the sparkling-sapphire sea.

Underwater Activities

The marine life of St. Maarten attracts people worldwide, and it offers plenty of activities for people who love exploring. Many colourful reefs offer snorkelling activities along with 55 different sites for diving. However, the best diving sites are mainly on the Dutch side, filled with fish and lively coral hues.

Watersports Centre

If you prefer an adrenaline-filled day to relax by the sea, St. Maarten offers many options that include jet-skiing, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, kite surfing and more. These sports are available on the beaches where you can satisfy your adventurous soul.

Woman enjoying on a beach in St. MaartenBreathtakingly Gorgeous Scenery

You can enjoy some stunning views of the natural scenery, golden sunsets, lush green mountains, and of course, the turquoise, clear waters. The vast and unique landscape gets better each day, and you can never have enough.

The architecture of St. Maarten is another exciting thing because some of them go back thousands of years while some are renovated into colourful buildings. There are traditional creole buildings, bright homes with wood decorations, and the work of a renowned architect who added his innovation to the traditional styles.

Duty-Free Shopping

French St. Martin is a popular place for shopping because there are no indirect taxes, VAT or customs duties to pay,allowing people to shop for high-end brands by paying less. There are many options on the Dutch side that are also duty-free. So no matter where you shop, you don’t have to worry about indirect taxes, which is another excellent reason to go here.

Festivals and Carnivals

You can witness some of the splendid festivities in St. Maarten that attract attention worldwide. Some well-known events are the SXM festival, Grand Parade, and St. Maarten Carnival, where people wear bright costumes, enjoy scrumptious food and celebrate life.

Stress-Free Vibes

Other than its colourful festivities and glamorous nightlife, this island offers stress-free vibes, and most people choose it as their retirement destination. Because it sees people from every country, you can meet so many different personalities, explore yourself, and create many memories.

It also has two international airports with flights to almost every major destination in the US and Europe. This allows you to travel frequently without any hassle.

Sandcastle on St. Maarten beachBusiness Opportunities in St. Maarten

Besides being your one-stop shop for all culinary and beach needs, it has many business opportunities. Here are a few reasons why many investors choose St. Maarten as the first choice for their activities:

1. Safety

The governments of both St. Maarten and St. Martin are reliable and democratically elected. Therefore, you can invest here with your peace of mind as the contracts are valid with no shady activity.

2. Business-Friendly Environment

The island encourages fresh ideas for business and is open to any innovations. Although the tourism business is at its peak here, you can bring many different ideas,and the environment will stimulate its growth.

3. No Requirement of Business Partners

Many countries require you to have local shareholders or other partners, but not St. Maarten. You can be the sole owner of your business and don’t need to fill any job quota.

4. Excellent Infrastructure

The infrastructure of St. Maarten is what every business owner wants. You don’t have to start from scratch; you can utilise the already established reliable finance, logistics, communications, and services. In addition, you can easily find many real estate listings in St. Maarten and buy commercial properties for renting and have a good income.

5. Duty-free on Imports

There is no customs duty on imports or exports, leading to the free movement of products, equipment, supplies or personal belongings.

6. Enjoy Better Connections

Many North, South and Central American markets are within close reach of the island so that you can enjoy business with them. In addition, there are many offshore facilities that you can generate profit from.

7. Hassle-free Naturalisation Process

St. Maarten allows you to be a part of its success, and there are few administrative obstacles in the naturalisation process. So you can move here for good by using your business proceeds.

This island offers profitable opportunities for everyone and isn’t limited to tourism only. People love living and working here, and you can also build a life here using different trades. You can reach out to Bright Path Caribbean, our sister company, for further information on business opportunities.

Property for sale in St. MaartenLiving Conditions in St. Maarten

If you have been here before or love this island’s opportunities and want to move, it is a great decision. Other than travelling, people move here from all parts of the world to make the most of the business opportunities and high living standards.

· Plenty Of Options to Stay

The first step will be to look for a place to stay. You can find many renting or purchasing options that fall under your preference and budget. From luxurious villas to rental apartments, we can provide you with a variety of options so you can be stress-free.

St. Maarten homes for sale· Beautiful Beaches, Literally Everywhere

No matter where you end up living, you can find a beach near your house. Don’t take them for granted because they will have something new to offer every time you go, from breathtaking sunsets to stunning ocean views, and who doesn’t love to unwind listening to the sound of waves.

However, due to the beaches, the sand will also be everywhere. Most people don’t mind it, but if you do, you’ll probably have to get used to it.

· Good Environment for Work

If you are coming here for business or work purposes, the beaches win over the cubicles of your ordinary office. The environment here is pleasant, boosts productivity, and allows you to work hard without being tied to a desk for hours at a time.

· Pleasant Weather

The weather here is mostly sunny and pleasant with eleven rain-free months, and you don’t need to cover yourself in layers or stay indoors due to winter. However, the summer temperature does get high, so you will have to get an AC for your house.

· Luxurious Life

It is the perfect place to treat yourself if you’ve worked your whole life tirelessly and saved up some good money. Besides a relaxing atmosphere, you can enjoy luxury homes, fine dining, exquisite cuisine, and high-end shopping options.

· Blend in Easily

The people here are helpful, warm and inviting, and you won’t have any issues adjusting here. Also, hiring a relocation agency like ours will help you out with all the basics, so you don’t feel like a stranger in an unknown destination.

· Necessities of Life

Since the island sees thousands of people each year, the supermarkets and stores are stocked with supplies, goods and luxury items. Drinking water, the internet and other necessities are not an issue here, unlike other islands, so you can enjoy living without any problems.

· Endless Activities to Enjoy

Other than nightclubs and beaches, there are many other activities and landmarks that you can visit. In St. Maarten, The Butterfly Farm offers good educational information on the butterflies, and historical monuments like Fort St. Louis in St. Martin depicts the island’s history with stunning views.

Wrapping Up

St. Maarten is a beautiful island with friendly people and easier access to airports, beaches, restaurants, and other necessities of life. It is a peaceful place to live, make friends and have fun. Learning all these things about St. Maarten must have tempted you to move here or look into the business opportunities, and we can help you with that.

Realtors in St. Maarten giving home keysAbout Bright Future Realtors

We are a real-estate relocation company in St. Maarten and offer property listings for rent, purchase or lease. You can find luxury homes, apartments and condos for sale on our website. Our sister company, BrightPath Caribbean, offers immigration and consultancy services for people who want to do business or move to St. Maarten.

With us, you are getting all the services you need from one place! If you have any more questions or need help with anything, you can call us anytime or explore our website for a quick look at our properties.