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Has it always been your dream to buy a home in St. Maarten? You can make your dream come true with some effort and assistance! St. Maarten has loads to offer for locals and foreigners, making it the perfect destination to move to.

If you’re relocating to St. Maarten, we’ve prepared a list of the top places to live in to make the choice easier for you.


No better place to live in than the heart of St. Maarten—Philipsburg. Philipsburg is a commercial hub and a crucial port for cruise ships on the island, making this stunning city every foreigner’s dream destination. So, if you’re looking for places to live in St. Maarten, add this to your list!

Along with breathtaking sights, this city has tons of activities to offer since it’s the largest city on the Dutch side of the island.  The top attractions in the city are its casinos and bars. Whether you’re a foreigner or a local, you’ll have a blast sipping Gauvaberry Emporium, their national liquor.

But that’s not all! Philipsburg has exquisite beaches, and sights, making it the perfect Caribbean city to reside in.


Although Cupecoy is just 10 minutes away from the airport, it’s surprisingly calm and not jam-packed with tourists. If you love serene and calm vibes, this St. Maarten destination is all you need. This St. Maarten destination is popular for its “live and let live” slogan, welcoming all foreigners in its region, including LQBTQ+ foreigners.

Moreover, Cupecoy is well-known for its calm blue waters, making it suitable for a quick dip. Though Cupecoy doesn’t have an exceptional facility, that’s exactly what sets it apart from the rest of the island. Cupecoy is ideal for locals and visitors seeking a natural beach experience, all day, every day!

Simpson Bay

You probably thought Philipsburg is the best St. Maarten area, right? Not quite! We’ve been saving nothing but the best for the last—Simpson Bay. Simpson Bay is the focal tourism point mainly due to the area’s beaches. Simpson Bay has some of the best beaches on the island and is home to all-inclusive properties.

Hold on, there’s more! This spectacular St. Maarten tourist area is popular for unforgettable entertainment with restaurants, bars, etc., having exclusive live music. From reggae to jazz to funk, you’ll find the best of it here! If you’re ready to live in a destination so rich in culture and entertainment, say yes to Simpson Bay!

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