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Saint Martin or the Caribbean island is one of the most famous places. Considering the interesting history behind the island and between Saint Martin and Sint Maarten, it’s no lie the island has its fair share of fun facts.

If you’re excited to find out these facts, you’re not alone! Without further ado, let’s find out these facts right away!


Sint Maarten or the Dutch side of the famous St. Martin is said to be a popular tourist spot with a large population compared to the French side. This is indeed an interesting fact since Sint Maarten has much less area than Saint Martin, yet it’s a much-preferred tourist destination.

Wreck Diving

We’ve seen scuba diving and snorkeling be the life of every island and are one of the most activating activities to do in the water. But have you heard about diving under the water to explore sea wrecks? Unbelievable, right? Well, as boring as this may sound, this is one of the most exciting facts about Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten is well-known for numerous wrecks and reefs, making the island the perfect wreck diving spot.

Lucky Number 37!

This fact is hands down one of the most interesting facts about the island. Did you know that this Caribbean island is known to have a lucky number? Yes, exactly! Their lucky number is 37! Are you wondering why 37? Well, there are various reasons for that, but the main being, this side of the island has a total area of 37 square kilometers and has around 37 beaches.

Bilingual Origin

Because St. Maarten is one of the two sides of the St. Martin coin, it’s a bilingual island. The island is the world’s smallest island bounded by two countries —France and Netherlands, making it a bilingual one. The Dutch and French side speaks English with Dutch and French respectively.

A Unique Airport

We’ve all seen airports in far-off or deserted areas, right, to ensure the runways are safe enough to take off? What if we were to tell you that the St. Maarten airport is close to a beach? Yes, you heard it right! The Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten is located near Maho Beach, making it possible for individuals to watch the planes take off while they soak up the Caribbean sun.

No Borders, Two Nations

The island is divided into two parts, the French side, and the Dutch side. But there are no physical borders they are only on maps. There is no struggle or any kind of restriction between the two sides. So, you can cross to any side as often as you want, and you are more than free to do so.

Christopher Columbus

The island was claimed by Christopher Columbus at one point for Spain on November 11th, 1493, but no settlements were made by Spain on the island. This has then been celebrated as St. Maarten day so, mark on your calendars the date so you can celebrate this friendly island.

National Animal

The brown pelican is the island’s national animal and can be seen on the country’s flag. The brown pelican is one of the smallest out of the 8 pelican species but is the largest in its sea range. They are also very social animals and fly in flocks of both genders. The national animal is also shared with Barbados, Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Turks and Caicos Islands, and the official state bird of Louisiana.

Largest Port

The Port of St. Maarten Cruise terminal has two piers that can accommodate six cruise ships, one pier facilitating Genesis-class vessels. In a single day, up to 20,000 passengers are welcomed. In 2011 the Port of St. Maarten reached a milestone with 1.6 million cruise passengers being received for the year. St. Maarten port is one of the few ports able to accommodate the world’s largest cruise ships – the Genesis-class vessels.

Most Restaurants Per Square Mile

St. Maarten is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Everywhere you turn on the island there is a restaurant, and the best part is that most of them taste great. With two different countries sharing an island and the many more people that live here there are so many different restaurants with so many different cultural backgrounds.

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