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With about 37 square meters of picturesque coastline and various islands, St Maarten contributes to the world’s top attraction with its indescribable stunning beaches. Some St. Maarten beaches have glistening white sand with sparkling turquoise waves hitting the sand bed, others offer excitement-filled activities for every individual. However, there are certain secluded beaches of this beautiful destination.

Let’s explore some of these breathtaking secret beaches.

Plum Bay

Plum Bay or Baie aux Prunes beach is one of St. Maarten’s secret beaches due to how secluded it is. Despite this beach having golden sands and turquoise water with a tranquil vibe, it’s not a very famous tourist spot. Plum Bay doesn’t offer any additional amenities, but the breathtaking sights of Saba are no less than an amenity.

Cupecoy Beach

Cupecoy Beach is located on the tip of Dutch Sint Maarten, right where it borders French St. Martin. This beach is located directly across the street from the Blue Mall but is often missed out by beachgoers due to the lack of an easy path toward it. However, that’s exactly what makes the vista so wonderful.

Cupecoy has weathered rocks that transform into pinkish/tan hues at sunset with pristine waves higher than those seen on Orient Beach, and tranquility that puts every other spot on the island to shame.

Petite Cayes

When exploring St. Maarten’s secret beaches, there’s no way we’d forget about this beauty. Petites Cayes is just a 30-minute walk away from the Anse Marcel Marina or the coast at French Cul de Sac. However, this 30-minute walk is definitely worth what awaits visitors. Upon reaching this beach, visitors are bestowed with a deserted beach ideal for every nature lover and surfer.

David’s Hole/ Devil’s Hole

The collapse of a vast sea cave chamber thousands of years ago created David’s Hole, also known as Devil’s Hole. Devil’s hole located on the French side of the island, can be easily accessed by following the little dirt road to the right of Baie Rouge. One may not certainly consider this a beach, but with an arch connecting the rock to the water, it surely is a natural wonder and world-class geological attraction.

In addition, this area is ideal for scuba diving too.

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